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Can't connect to WiFi on ZenFone

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I Can't connect to Internet through WiFi on ZenFone, How can I fix it ?
1. Check wireless connection. / cek jarinagan wifi
The first step of diagnosis have to any other device connected to the same network, ensure the wireless connection is working fine, or verify the settings of your wireless router to correct it.
2. Check your Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep Settings.
Owing to Wi-Fi sleep policy your Wi-Fi connection may be going to get disconnected every now and then.
Tweak this policy to keep your Wi-Fi connection awake.
Touch "Settings" >> "Wi-Fi" >>Touch" " bottom >> "Advanced" >> Select "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" >> Touch "Always" to keep the Wi-Fi on during sleep.

Save changes and exit all the screens. Your Wi-Fi will never get disconnected again due to this policy.
3. Check signal strength of wireless connection. /cek kekuatan sinyal wifi
The performance of a wireless network connection depends in part on signal strength.

You have to connect the Wireless network where the signal strength is strong.

Check Wireless network signal strength icons in notification bar.

4. Try to turn off/on Wi-Fi on the device. /coba restarst wifi (on/off)
First to turn off Wi-Fi, Touch "Settings">> "Wi-Fi" >> "turn Wi-Fi to off".

And then to turn on Wi-Fi, Touch "Settings ">> "Wi-Fi" >> "turn Wi-Fi to on".
5. Try to forget network on the device. /coba meng forget jaringan di device
Forgetting wireless networks allow your tablet/phone to reset some settings.

"Settings" >> "Wi-Fi" >> Press & hold your "Network SSID(Name)" for 2 seconds.

>>Touch "Forget Network" >> Re-Connect your wireless networks if it�s disconnected.
6. Try to reboot your device. /coba restart device
Press and hold the power key >> Select "Restart"
7. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date. /pastikan anda mengunakan Firmware terbaru
>> Select "Settings" >>"About">>"System update">> "Check Update".

8. Try to reset your device. /coba reset device
Note: once RESET was performed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted after initialization.
Third-party programs might be the major probability of Tablet/Phone instable, suggested to have a full reset for the device if the situation persists.

"Settings" >> "Backup & reset" >> "Factory data reset" >> "Reset phone" >> Enter "ZenFone" when prompted for the reset password. >> Touch "Erase everything" to confirm reset.
9. Try to other wireless connections. /coba jaringan wifi lain

If steps above were not able to solve internet connection problem still, please try other wireless connections if available, otherwise contact your networking provider to technical support.

Autotext on asus keyboard zenfone

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how to autotext with AsusKeyboard.

Lets begine :

* Open settings

* insert your custom autotext

* now you have autotext on your AsusKeyboard

profile picture BBM without cropping

Mungkin sebagian anda kesal karena profil BBM anda harus di crop?
ada solusinya supaya gak harus di crop..
langsung saja

contoh tanpa app without cropping.
Harus ada bagian yang terpotong.
Contoh dengan app without croping.

Mengerti kan gan perbedaan.a?

langsung saja download aplikasinya disini

One Handed Operation Mode zenfone 5

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One Handed Operation Mode 

apa itu one handed operation mode ?
seperti artinya yaitu adalah mode yang dapat diaktifkan untuk mempermudah pengoperasian zenfone 5 menggunakan 1 tangan saja.

Bahan :
*zenfone 5 rooted dan sudah upgrade ke OS Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
*terinstall rootexplorer
*download script One Handed Operation Mode zenfone 5
Password Rar:

1. Letakkan scrip yg di donlod tadi ke etc/permissions/disini menggunakan rootexplorer.
2. Kemudian ubah permission.a dengan rootexplorer menjadi seperti dibawah ini.

3. Kemudian reboot Device anda..
4. Done

Semoga bermanfaat..

Syarat utama One Handed Operation Mode zenfone 5 ini adalah sudah upgrade ke OS Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
Fitur one hand mode ada di Toogles quick Setting